Genocide Revealed

New Light on the Massacre of Serbs & Jews under Hungarian Occupation
by: Aleksandar Veljic
Painstakingly researched book documents the atrocities committed against many thousands of Hungarian Jews and others in January of 1942, highlighting the ongoing need to bring the perpetrators to justice

On December 2, 2012, tens of thousands of people attended a landmark anti-Nazi rally in Budapest, Hungary, in what is being called the most important demonstration since that nation became a democracy.

The rally was organized by Jewish and civic groups to protest a far-right lawmaker’s call to screen Jews for national security risks, illustrating once again that anti-semitic beliefs and motivations remain alive and well throughout the world.

This current illustration of race prejudice makes it all the more imperative, says historian Aleksandar Veljic, that the horrific atrocities perpetrated in World War II be finally and fully revealed. He emphasizes, “Hiding or denying the facts surrounding an atrocity inevitably leads to the revival of such atrocities.” Until now, says Veljic, these war crimes have not previously been adequately documented or reported.

In his carefully researched book Genocide Revealed: New Light on the Massacre of Serbs and Jews under Hungarian Occupation, Veljic details the deliberate mass murder, torture, internment, and deportation of thousands of Serbs, Jews, and Roma (formerly known as Gypsies) during World War II by Hungarian Nazi collaborators. It compiles published and formerly unpublished Serbian, German, Hungarian, and Swedish records into a single source. While solidly based on original documents, with attention to names, dates, places, and numbers, the book is styled as a historical narrative.

In it, Veljic details the Razzia, or “Great Raid,” perpetrated in the bitter cold of January of 1942 in northern Serbia that resulted in the deaths of more than 10,000 Serbs, Jews, and Roma. Veljic also emphasizes that whereas global attention has been centered on the Nazi-led Holocaust in World War II, Hungarian collaborators who zealously followed Hitler’s example have managed to hide. He states, “Miklos Horthy is an enemy of humanity who was never brought to justice. Genocide Revealed brings to light how this obscure figure’s political career brought great shame upon the Hungarian people as he extinguished thousands of innocent lives.”

“It should be obvious that the story of the Razzia is a very important chapter in the history of the Holocaust and of the crimes committed during World War II by Hungarian Nazi collaborators against Jews, Serbs, and Roma in occupied Voivodina. By focusing on the perpetrators of these atrocities, not only are the identities of the killers revealed, but we also are reminded of the criminal responsibility of those who committed these horrible crimes.” ~ Dr. Efraim Zuroff, director, Simon Wiesenthal Center – Israel Office, coordinator, SWC Nazi war crimes research worldwide; author, Lovac na naciste (2010)

Miodrag Milosavljević


This video, time span 1:10 to 3:00 minutes, among other things, speak about the role of this man, Miodrag Milosavljević, in rescuing Sajmište inmates. Sajmište (Fair ground) was founded as concentration camp for Jewish women and children of Belgrade and Banat district in Serbia. It was founded and run by the occupation Nazi forces since the Serbian nation did not participate in the Holocaust. The Holocaust Memorial Society has compiled lists of Banat Jews murdered at Sajmište, and we are in the process of compiling a list of Belgrade Jews who experiences the same fate.

This man, Miodrag Milosavljević, was a plummer who was sent to work at Sajmište camp. He kept rescuing Jewish inmates by taking out 2-3 out of the camp over night, as explained in the video. He was caught and imprisoned as the result of his noble acts. (He was doing something that Irene Sendler was doing). As the result of him being imprisoned, his family lost a breadwinner and died in the war. We have no doubts that this man deserves the Medal of the Righteous among the Nations.