Public Appearances

Novi Sad Razzia MemorialNovi Sad Center for culture director Dr. Andrej Fajfelj has entrusted “Genocide Revealed” author Aleksandar Veljic, to design the program for an upcoming annual commemoration of the January 1942 Great Raid (Razzia) in Novi Sad. A genocide committed by Hungarian occupiers in which 4,000 innocent civilians were brutally murdered.  The Center for culture is the main organizer of such commemorations.

For seven decades the true facts regarding Razzia 1942, (as presented in Veljic’s book), have been repressed and banished from the public.  Director Fajgelj’s decision represents a recognition of Veljic’s long standing research that has persevered for years, despite all the odds.
Novi Sad Razzia will be commemorated in January 2013.

“For the first time we will mark the event with true facts that can no longer be ignored” said Veljic.  He added, “The English edition of my work should be regarded as the main factor of this amazing victory of  historical veracity and justice for both the victims and survivors”.

Novi Sad media have not reported the publication of Veljic’s  book “Genocide Revealed” released January of this year, to coincide with 70th anniversary of the January massacre.